Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

This page is dedicated to things I’ve recently found interesting or helpful in my own efforts to increase in wisdom and make the best use of time.



This is a super good series I’ve listened to in the last week or two by Dr. James White, given last summer at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church. The ten sessions break down roughly as follows, if memory serves: 1-4 introduction to apologetics; 5-7 Islam, 8-9 Mormonism, 10 Jehovah’s Witnesses. Very helpful, particularly the sessions on Mormonism. Took a few trips into the office and an evening or two in the shop to plow through them, but so glad I did.

I’m now most of the way through Martin Luther’s classic response to Erasmus in The Bondage of the Will. Luther’s biblical exegesis and philosophical logic interspersed with rather biting sarcasm makes for an engaging experience.

Current Events:

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I parked on the couch and watched this debate on the morality abortion hosted in part by Summit Ministries, but it could just as easily be listened to. Two quick things worth taking note of: 1) the pro-life side (my side) worked intentionally from a non-biblical foundation. This is not uncommon, as the idea is that the case can be made using other authorities, namely science and philosophy, thus non-Christians may be convinced. The end result, however, as you’ll see, is that the conversation shifts rather easily from the morality of a thing to the legality of it, because the foundation of morality has been set aside. So that was a disappointment.

But far more importantly, the pro-death side agreed quite readily that abortion is “the killing of an innocent human being.” The entire argument rests, not on a definition of humanity, but of “personhood.” Thus not all humans are persons. Yes, that’s the argument, and it’s going to lead down a dark road. Hang on to your personhood, because once it’s gone, you’re expendable. See Nancy Pearcey’s discussion of this in her book Love Thy Body,  or catch a little synopsis of her argument here.

Since I’ve already mentioned Dr. White, his podcast The Dividing Line is about the only one I regularly listen to, and I found this one particularly interesting as it relates to the current state of cultural affairs in the broader Reformed world, and his discussions on predestination and free will are always intriguing.


I had some extra time to read, what with my table saw being down and all, so I opened my giant Mark Twain volume to Huckleberry Finn, partly because I’m a half-crazed rebel and there’s no book closer to being burnt, and partly because Mark Twain’s way with words is unparalleled, and I’d like to catch a little bit of whatever he got. All that to say I didn’t actually listen to it, but if I was going to, I’d catch it here.

Archive, such as it is:

Daily Dose of Greek
Carl Trueman’s Reformation History
Ligonier 2019 National Conference
Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones on Preaching and Preachers
Al Mohler sermon “Exegete or Exorcist”
Master’s Seminary channel; lots of great stuff here
Den Dulk Lectures, feat. Dr. Carl Trueman

Current Events:
G3 Pre-Conference on Social Justice.
Dr. Jordan Peterson on the Marxist lie of White Privilege
Dr. Jordan Peterson’s GQ Interview

Pilgrim’s Progress
David Copperfield
Oliver Twist
The Innocents Abroad
Abridged Bunyan Holy War, appx 1hr. Good for kids too.

Nathaniel Hawthorne Stories:
The Birthmark
Mrs. Bullfrog
The Celestial Railroad

Oversimplified; really cool big-picture view of some of history’s major events.
Fascinating interview between Dr. James White and the notorious KJV-only Steven Anderson