Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

This page is dedicated to things I’ve recently found interesting or helpful in my own efforts to increase in wisdom and make the best use of time.


Stumbled into some Puritan stuff, here’s something by Timothy Rogers on “Trouble of Mind and the Disease of Melancholy.” Speaking to Dr. Kevin Carr about this, he reminded me that these issues of what we’d now call mental illness and depression was a major problem three centuries ago in a society wracked with infant mortality and a litany of incurable diseases. Lots of reasons to be sad now, but there were lots back then too. Worth the fifty minutes to listen to a wonderful pastoral treatment on the ills of the soul.

Shepherd’s Conference 2019 was recently held, and though I’m a little late to the party, the sessions I’ve heard so far are wonderful. The Q&A made the most splash for being controversial, but among other sessions, I found Dr. Joel Beeke’s session on handling criticism very useful, and also really enjoyed Sinclair Ferguson’s recounting of the life and ministry of Robert Murray M’Cheyne.

I thought I’d make mention of a couple audio Bibles I like to use through my phone. YouVersion has a number of translations available in audio format, and are easily streamed for free. The NIV isn’t my favorite translation (some good old-fashioned fundamentalist virtue signaling right there!), but it’s my favorite audio version found there, and Max MacLean is the best narrator I know of. Or, there’s a Bible app called Bible.is that has a fabulous ESV dramatized reading that I find myself returning to often. So check those out.

If you want to be a total nerd, I discovered this site that has the Hebrew Bible broken into chapters, and each chapter contains a link to an audio file to hear it read in Hebrew. I’ve listened to Psalm 1 (for Hebrew class) and Psalm 23 (for thinking about Alice) about a jillion times each. It’s difficult to explain the deeply moving feeling the first time I looked at and understood the phrase “in the house of Yahweh many days” in the language David wrote it in: בְּבֵית-יְהוָה, לְאֹרֶךְ יָמִים

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near. -Jesus

Not that you asked, but in brief here’s my philosophy of audio Bibles: It dawned on me one day as I was running parts through a shaper, basking in the book of Isaiah for an hour or so, that for most of human history literacy was pretty low and books weren’t available to read anyway, so most people had to hear them read by someone else. I think probably God directed the writing of the Bible in such a way that it is meant to be read aloud and heard, and I’ve done both to great profit. Incidentally, I’ve talked to other pastors (thankfully this doesn’t only happen to me!) who have studied a text all week, only to stand in the pulpit and read it out loud for the first time and discover all sorts of things they’d not considered. Panic. Anyway, there’s something to it.

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When I was a wee chap just graduated from what my late great rather infamous neighbor and friend Wilfred Lobb used to refer to as “square pants,” we had an old cassette player employed in giving us bedtime stories. One of our favorite ones was “The House That Bacon Built.” My siblings and I knew the story by heart, so when we were sentenced to wash supper dishes because of some misdeed or another, we would each select a few parts and recite it while at the sink taking our lumps. To my eternal joy, I later discovered my wife also grew up with these stories, engaging in the same kind of theatrics with her siblings. Our kids grew up with the same stories, but the tapes are now long gone. Over the years I’ve occasionally searched for these stories with no success, but recently I managed to get a hold of LeAnne down in New Mexico, who works for Faith Comes By Hearing, which owns them, and she happily burnt me off a CD with permission for me to post these. So as far as I know, this is the only place on the internet you can go to find them.

Download through the title or use the player on the site here.

The House That Bacon Built

Midnight Bread

The Billy Goats Grinn

The Unforgiving Servant

You Know All About Me, Lord

Archive, such as it is:

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Current Events:
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Pilgrim’s Progress
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Abridged Bunyan Holy War, appx 1hr. Good for kids too.

Nathaniel Hawthorne Stories:
The Birthmark
Mrs. Bullfrog
The Celestial Railroad

Oversimplified; really cool big-picture view of some of history’s major events.
Fascinating interview between Dr. James White and the notorious KJV-only Steven Anderson