Sounds Minds and Soul Care:
Mental Health Through the Lens of Holy Scripture

Location:  Lifespring Church, Crosby, MN (

Date:  Friday, October 26, 2018 (8:30AM to 4:00PM)

Who:  Pastors, elders, and all men and women who love Christ and His church.

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Cost:  None (free-will donations will be received for the meal)

For More Information:  contact Pastor Eric Anderson  (218) 820-7532

Why this Conference?  In a culture steeped in sin-rooted confusion about personhood and our problems, we hope to address how our forefathers in the faith handled mental and spiritual troubles by ministering God’s revealed Word in the local church, and how we are to we receive and give Gospel-help to hurting and confused people. We will not provide every answer to every question, but we will point everyone to the One who has all the answers as He graciously invites to come to him through faith.

Speakers: We invite seasoned pastors and ministers to speak at our conferences. These men have been around long enough to have preached and counseled from the Word both “in season”and “out of season,” and we will all benefit from their wisdom.


8:30—Welcome & Worship

9:00—Session 1:  Dr. Ivan Fiske: Play the Man: Living as a Godly Man in a Toxic Culture (Psalm 1:1-6)


10:15—Session 2: Pastor Mark Snider: The Abnormal Power of the Normal Means of Grace. 

11:00 – Q&A


1:00—Session 3:  Pastor Bob DeYoung: Shepherding Stunned Sheep: Pastoral Care during Tragedy


2:30—Session 4: Pastor Brent Nelson: The Soul Care of John Newton to William Cowper

3:15 – Q&A

4:00 – Closing


We believe that we will all benefit, not only from the content presented, but also from the fellowship time together as brothers-and-sisters who share a common faith and master in northern rural Minnesota.

Presented by the Common Slaves Network:
A Minnesota Fellowship of Rural Reformed (and Reforming) Pastors, Elders and Churches