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March 2021

Spring Conference!

We want to extend an invitation to join us for our Spring Conference held on Saturday, April 17, 8:30AM-4:30PM at Lifespring Church in Crosby, MN. Drs. P. Andrew Sandlin and Ardel B. Caneday will be our featured speakers. Both men come bringing his own deep academic expertise and pastoral wisdom to tease out with us some of the implications of the biblical reality that God is creator, man His image-bearing creatures; that God is redeemer, Christians are his redeemed, and that Christ, the Redeemer God-Man, is King! Together we’ll worship our Creator and Redeemer and ponder his purposes and man’s unique role in creation, challenges within Christianity to the doctrine of creation, and the Christian’s relationship in and to broader human society.

The spring conference is open to all and is specifically designed for those seeking to think Christianly while breathing the very unchristian air of this current cultural moment. In particular we want this to be a great opportunity for parents and young people to spend a day learning, thinking, and visiting together about how biblical truth applies to all aspects of life. Admission is once again free, thanks in particular to the generosity of Lifespring Church and our speakers. Lunch will be provided. Contributions to help cover travel expenses for our speakers and lunch are appreciated and can made at the conference. Registration is required for our planning and can be done by clicking here

The conference brochure, with schedule, session titles, speaker information and other details can be viewed at the link below.

“A Place for Truth” Zoom Conversation: Tuesday, April 6, 7:30-9:00

You are invited to join us for our next “A Place for Truth” online Conversation with experienced Christian Pastors and Intellectuals on a frontline issue of today.

Tuesday, April 6, 7:30-9:00 CST

“God’s Creational and Redemptive Reality:  Masculinity and Femininity in an age of Passivity, Effeminacy, Feminism and Transgenderism”. Meeting ID: 882 0017 9743

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