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October 2020

Sipping from the Fire Hose

Let me briefly point souls thirsty to hear the Word to three fountains I think you’ll appreciate:

One – for a Christian take on the political moment, we have an online meeting scheduled this evening with Drs. Ardel B. Caneday and P. Andrew Sandlin, and veteran ministers David Smith and Bob Dalberg.

Two – the Common Slaves Fall conference is only three days away. This Friday, Nov. 30, Dr. Ardel Caneday will be presenting on the doctrine of the assurance of salvation and the perseverance of the saints, addressing the relationship between the faith and works and how to understand the Bible’s many passages warning us to trust and obey or be lost forever. Registration is free but required so the good folks at Lifespring have enough lunch prepared.

Three – On Sunday Nov. 8, from 4-8PM First Presbyterian Church in Hinckley will be hosting a series of three addresses on Our Heavenly Hope: The blessedness of dying in the Lord. This will be the grand finale to a long string of annual conferences (15 years now I think) hosted by First Pres. and organized by Pastor Kevin Carr, whom I hold in highest esteem. Kevin is retiring in a few months after over three decades in Hinckley, and I am all the better for his ministry and will be all the poorer for his retirement.

Schedule is as follows:
4:00 Pastor Steve Johnson (Trinity Pres., Rochester) Heavenly Worship
5:00 Mr. Randy Smith (Providence Reformed Baptist, Richfield) Heavenly Fellowship
6:00 Chili Cook-off
7:00 Pastor Steve Carr (Grace Reformed Church, Rogers, Ark.) Heavenly Glory

First Pres. is located just east of town at:
1813 Fire Monument Road
Hinckley, MN 55037

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The Christian as a Heavenly and Earthly Citizen: Discerning the upcoming November 3 Election

Please join us for our next “A Place for Truth,” Zoom gathering

We will gather this coming Tuesday Evening, October 27, 7:30-9:00 (CST). We will hear from, and interact with, pastors and theologians Ardel Caneday, P. Andrew Sandlin, David Smith and Bob Dalberg, hosted by Eric Anderson.

The Topic: The Christian as a Heavenly and Earthly Citizen: Discerning the upcoming November 3 Election

Does the Bible prescribe a form of government? What is a Christian citizen? What is the duties of a citizen in a republic? How is voting a ‘good work’ towards my neighbor? Does a person’s performance outweigh their character flaws? How about the platform of the other party? Are Christian’s single issue voters? Is our current election and deciding how to vote really as complicated are some Christians seem to be making it? What is the Worldview/Religion/theology behind both the current Republican and democratic party platforms? Is John Piper correct in his prescription to vote “3rd party” (or not at all)? It is a sin to vote for Biden/Harris? Is it righteous to vote for Trump/Pence? Am I compromising my integrity in voting for Trump/Pence? Meeting ID: 882 0017 9743

Our four previous zoom discussions with Christian theologians and pastors on current cultural topics are available on audio podcast: “A Place for Truth”.

Don’t Make Me Cry

You have kept count of my tossings;
put my tears in your bottle.
Are they not in your book?

Psalm 56:8

After my wife Michele discovered a small, simple upright piano free on Facebook Marketplace we found ourselves meeting a delightful lady in a delightful old farmhouse outside Elk River. Michele sat down to the piano that, for this lady, held many memories of her children learning and making music. Michele, as only she can, began to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the lady’s eyes filled with tears and she said, “It’s just so beautiful it makes me cry!”

Crying is an odd phenomenon, if you think about it. Michele played a series of notes on a mechanical contraption, they struck this lady’s eardrums, and as they did, her tear ducts produced so much extra fluid it ran down her cheeks. Somehow it’s less romantic put that way. 

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