I’m working on a new page creatively titled “What I’m listening to.” While the title seems to me incredibly pompous, as if anyone would care what I’m listening to, perhaps it is merely a mild expression of narcissism, which should be easily cured by some well-timed criticism or shock over my audio-dalliances. Either way, I only have myself to blame, which I quite naturally refuse to do.

I love soaking in good information, education, and literature. Too much perhaps. Last week as my family and I crawled in the van and I was getting my phone setup to play some golden nugget, a sweet but troubled voice from one of the aptly named oppressed-seats-that-don’t-have-no-business-touching-the-radio said, “Please! Just ten minutes of music, then you can listen to whatever.” And yes, my love for this tortured soul trumped my love of whatever I was going to listen to. We drove forward in utter silence, the joy of the (insert something not blasphemous, if such a thing exists) filling and uniting our souls.

Nevertheless, I stand resolute in my love of good words well spoken, and have decided to keep a bit of a running log of some of the things I’ve found helpful and enjoyable, so that if anyone is as whacked out as I am, perhaps you may enjoy them as well. I think CS Lewis said something like we don’t really experience the full joy of a thing until we share it, so, to return to the narcissist theme (without taking the time to let John Piper sanctify it, though I think he could, to my joy), this is me fulfilling my joy by sharing with you something I love, for your joy.