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March 2019

A few little things to note:

I added some new things to What I’m listening to for your auditory pleasure and/or edification. I particularly enjoyed (for the third time or so) Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story story about Mrs. Bullfrog, which is perhaps more relevant and culturally fitting in our day than we may care to admit. And while in my shop I was enraptured in the vision of God Sinclair Ferguson presented so beautifully, I also ignored the strain I was putting my table saw through until the motor burnt out. Still, I can scarcely recommend this sermon highly enough.

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming Spring Conference with Dr. Peter Jones. Registration is both free and required. If the registration process frightens you (entering an email address that “they” will have), contact Eric or me and we’ll register you under the name of some notorious heretic. I think the next name to be used is Marcion, unless Andy Stanley has reserved it for himself.

JC Ryle texted me from my Dad’s phone this week:
When an eagle is happy in an iron cage,
when a sheep is happy in the water,
when an owl is happy in the blasé of noonday sun,
when a fish is happy on the dry land –
then, and not until then will I admit
that the unsanctified man could be happy in Heaven.

My birthday was this week. Spent much time thinking about last year’s birthday – Alice on my lap laughing opening my presents and blowing out my candles (picture of that here), the first little signs of her tumor’s recurrence were showing up making it somewhat miserable for me as I tried to soak up all the good and properly ignore the bad I couldn’t do anything about. I think much of eternity, and in a way, yesterday I turned 40 but kinda wish I’d turned 70. I’d look good for a 70yr. old. Anyway, itching to see her again, itching to get on with the business of eternal life. God give me patience to endure to the end.

I’m working on a new page creatively titled “What I’m listening to.” While the title seems to me incredibly pompous, as if anyone would care what I’m listening to, perhaps it is merely a mild expression of narcissism, which should be easily cured by some well-timed criticism or shock over my audio-dalliances. Either way, I only have myself to blame, which I quite naturally refuse to do.

I love soaking in good information, education, and literature. Too much perhaps. Last week as my family and I crawled in the van and I was getting my phone setup to play some golden nugget, a sweet but troubled voice from one of the aptly named oppressed-seats-that-don’t-have-no-business-touching-the-radio said, “Please! Just ten minutes of music, then you can listen to whatever.” And yes, my love for this tortured soul trumped my love of whatever I was going to listen to. We drove forward in utter silence, the joy of the (insert something not blasphemous, if such a thing exists) filling and uniting our souls.

Nevertheless, I stand resolute in my love of good words well spoken, and have decided to keep a bit of a running log of some of the things I’ve found helpful and enjoyable, so that if anyone is as whacked out as I am, perhaps you may enjoy them as well. I think CS Lewis said something like we don’t really experience the full joy of a thing until we share it, so, to return to the narcissist theme (without taking the time to let John Piper sanctify it, though I think he could, to my joy), this is me fulfilling my joy by sharing with you something I love, for your joy.


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