On behalf of the Common Slaves, I personally want to thank my beloved Dad, Pastor Randy Reed of Calvary Baptist Church in Negaunee, MI for coming and preaching at the August 28 Common Slaves Combined Service hosted by Quamba Baptist Church. How encouraging to see the sanctuary filled with brothers and sisters from churches in Hinckley, Chisago, Crosby, Crosslake, and Pine City gathering together to sing praises to our great Savior.

Thanks to Pastor Eric Anderson for giving the invocation, Pastor Ken Carlton for delivering the benediction, Pastor Kevin Carr for his (always) masterful and meaningful introduction to and reading from the Westminster Confession. Thanks to Phil Halvorson for leading us in the great hymns of the church, Michele Reed for accompanying on the piano, and a very special thanks to the ladies of Quamba who answered the 11th hour call for treats and goodies and delivered in a bountiful way, as they always do!

When the audio of the service becomes available, we will provide a link to it in the “Combined Service Sermons” tab. We look forward to our next gathering, which will take place Oct. 23, at 4:30PM in Crosby, MN, if the Lord wills. -jr