I cannot recommend John Flavel’s Fountain of Life too highly. Here is a sample of this dear Puritan brother’s excellent work, the conclusion from Sermon XXI, taken from 1 Cor. 11:23-25

Though all other things do, yet Christ neither doth, nor can grow stale. Here is an ordinance [the Lord’s table] to preserve his remembrance fresh to the end of the world. The blood of Christ doth never dry up. The beauty of this Rose of Sharon is never lost or withered. He is the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. As his body in the grave saw no corruption, so neither can his love, or any of his excellencies. When the saints shall have fed their eyes on him in heaven, thousands and millions of years, he shall be as fresh, beautiful, and orient as at the beginning. Other beauties have their prime, and their fading time; but Christ abides eternally. Our delight in creatures is often most at first acquaintance; when we come nearer to them, and see more of them, the edge of our delight is abated: but the longer you know Christ, and the nearer you come to him, still the more do you see of his glory. Every farther prospect of Christ entertains the mind with a fresh delight. He is as it were a new Christ every day, and yet the same Christ still.

Blessed be God for Jesus Christ.